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AttendanceHome much school is missed each yearApproximate absence over 5 school years
99%2 days1 week
96% 8 days2 weeks
95%2 weeksQuarter of a school year
90%4 weeksHalf a school year
85%6 weeksThree quarters of a school year
80%8 weeksOne school year
75%10 weeksOne and a quarter school years
70%12 weeksOne and a half school years
65%14 weeksOne and three quarter school years

Our OFSTED inspection outcome June 2018:

‘Overall attendance is now just above national averages. So, too, is the attendance of disadvantaged pupils. It is now similar to that of their peers. You have worked vigorously and effectively to address past weaker attendance. You have used a range of carefully targeted and sensitive, yet forthright, strategies to engage closely with both pupils and families who, for one reason or another, find regular attendance challenging. You are clear that there is still more to do and you have put in train a further series of carefully measured actions to support attendance. Pupils told me that they are very clear about the importance of regular attendance. This is because you have used a range of imaginative and effective strategies to help ensure that pupils understand its importance. These include regular inputs during assembly time and weekly updates and competitions that encourage attendance.’

Inclusion and Welfare Officer:

Mrs Kennedy is our IWO. She works closely with pupils and their families to encourage healthy attendance. She is always available for parents to contact via the main school telephone number or be email:

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